Sportsbetting Review

Owned by the Chico network, the second largest American network in terms of player traffic, Sportsbetting has all the ingredients to be the reference room for poker lovers.

It is said that in Sportsbetting there is no timetable to play poker. And the fact is that, no matter when you play, you will always find cash tables available.  Although it is true that its peak hours correspond to the nights in the USA, any time of the day is a good time to enjoy a poker game at Sportsbetting ag.

Do you want to get to know this poker room in depth? We tell you everything you need to know about Sportsbetting.

How to Join Sportsbetting?

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Sportsbetting Traffic

If the Sportsbetting room is known for something, it is for the high number of recreational players that feed its cash tables and tournaments.

It is worth remembering that Sportsbetting poker is owned by the Chico network, the second network in terms of traffic in the USA. So much so that the room can host up to 2,500 connections in total during its peak hours. These hours correspond to the nights in the USA. In Europe, it would coincide with the late evening and early morning hours.

Sportsbetting poker is a room known for its soft tables. From low limits up to NL1k, the tables are filled with recreational players who like the action, dynamism and excitement that Sportsbetting’s games and tournaments offer.

At cash tables, Texas Holdem in its No Limit format is the most popular of all. As far as tournaments are concerned, the most popular among beginners are the Spin&Go tournaments, known in Sportsbetting as Windfall.

Sportsbetting Rake and Rakeback

In terms of rake, the Sportsbetting room is characterized by commissions of around 5.5% at the cash tables. The rake structure at Sportsbetting cash games is organized as follows:

No Limit & Pot Limit Games
Limit Nº of Players Commission Maximum Commission
From $0.05/$0.10 to $0.25/$0.50
$0.01 for every $0.18 in the pot
$0.50/$1 - $1/$2
$2/$5 - $5/$10

As far as Sportsbetting rakeback is concerned, this room offers a VIP rakeback treatment to its players. This VIP treatment translates into so-called Comp Points, which allow players to level up and participate in exclusive tournaments.

For every cent of rake generated, players receive one Comp Point. In the case of tournaments, for every $1 of rake, the player gets 100 Comp Points. Thus, Sportsbetting does not talk about direct rakeback, but about Comp Points redeemable for exciting tournaments.

As you know, if you register at Sportsbetting through EasyAmericanPoker, you will earn double. These are the benefits that are waiting for you:

Advantages of Playing Poker at Sportsbetting


Both at low limit and NL1K tables, players find a stable and fluid traffic, guaranteeing 24/7 action.


Are you looking for a poker room where you can increase your winnings? Are you a beginner and need soft tables to learn? Whatever your case, Sportsbetting is the room for you.

Welcome bonus
and promotions

Sportsbetting knows how to take care of its players by welcoming them with an important welcome bonus and rewarding their loyalty with attractive promotions, such as Jackpot bonuses.

Sportsbetting Promotions

Sportsbetting Welcome Bonus

Sportsbetting welcome bonus, which is given to its users for the first deposit, justifies the registration in this room. With the Sportsbetting bonus you will match the amount of your deposit 50% up to $1,000.

Sportsbetting Software

Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Sportsbetting software allows you to navigate the room easily, smoothly and stably.

Its advanced software maintains the standard structure with independent lobbies, which give access, through two buttons, on the one hand, to the different games, both cash tables and tournaments, while, on the other hand, you can change the poker formats: Hold’em and Omaha.

Sportsbetting software is all about user-friendliness. Many players appreciate the possibility to customize the table in Sportsbetting, as well as to modify the cards and the tablecloth. Other customization options include: the deck of cards, the background or the colors.

On the other hand, the graphics are attractive and eye-catching, which undoubtedly contributes to enhance the experience of playing online poker.

In 2016, Sportsbetting ag introduced a series of improvements focused on perfecting its software and offering greater facilities to users. In this regard, the Sportsbetting poker room introduced the real money option for mobile devices.

From then on, all cash games, as well as MTT and Sit&Go tournaments can be played from mobile, either Android or iOS. Likewise, users can also play poker on Sportsbetting via iPad. They especially highlight the smoothness of navigation and the scarcity of glitches or slowdowns while playing poker at Sportsbetting via mobile.

Sport Games

At Sportsbetting poker, you will find the best and most popular variants of poker: Texas Hold’em and Omaha, including modalities such as Texas 6+.

Below, we detail the types of games to be highlighted in the Sportsbetting room and their modalities:

In addition to these, the room also offers “32Card Draw” and “Americana” as its niche games.

At any time of the day, you will find games available at Sportsbetting ag, with the highest traffic peaks being reached during the evenings in America. At these times of the day, there can be up to 2,500 connections in total.

As far as the betting structure is concerned, we also find the most frequently played games: Texas No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. The lowest stakes are around $0.05/$0.10 while the highest ones reach a maximum of $15/$30.

As you can see, the limits vary depending on the poker variant. Do you want to know in detail the maximum and minimum limits that you will find in each of the Sportsbetting games? Pay attention to the following information.

Sportsbetting Tournaments 

During peak hours, Sportsbetting tournament schedule hosts multiple events including MTT, SnG and Spins. As mentioned above, Windfall tournaments, the local version of Spin&Go, are the most popular among players.

Sportsbetting tournaments are undoubtedly one of the great attractions of this important American online poker room. They provide a great deal of excitement and, above all, open the door to increased winnings.

Along with the three big blocks of tournaments that we can find, MTT, SnG and Spins, every Sunday there is a main event with a guaranteed prize of 60k and a second chance tournament with a guaranteed prize of 40k.

Want to know more about the tournaments at Sportsbetting ag? Here are the three main types of tournaments at Sportsbetting ag.

  • Sportsbetting MTT Tournaments

    Sportsbetting MTT tournaments include daily NLH, NLO and Omaha/8 tournaments. They compete in popularity with the Spins tournaments due, in large part, to the prizes they offer.

    As far as buy-ins are concerned, they come in all types. From low limits, such as the MTTs of $0.25 to the highest of $109. Guaranteed prize events start at $1.10 and go all the way up to the well-known weekly Sunday Major, with a $150,000 guaranteed prize.

    In terms of traffic at these tournaments, the number of players usually ranges from 300 to 600 players. MTT tournaments with a buy-in of more than $20 attract a smaller number of players, between 100 and 200. Thanks to the improvement of the room's software in 2016, users can enjoy Sportsbetting MTTs on any device.

  • Spins Tournaments

    Sportsbetting Spins tournaments, unlike those held in other poker rooms, boast great popularity and traffic. This is largely due to the launch of Sportsbetting's own version of these tournaments: the Windfall.

    The Windfall, unlike the Spins of other poker networks, have no ante, i.e. no mandatory initial bet. In addition, they offer a very significant attraction. Instead of the usual 2x-4x-6x multipliers, here we find 2x-5x-10x. Moreover, the statistics are on the side of the players since, the probability of the first multipliers falling is 99.77%, while, in other poker rooms, it is 91.9%. As for the second multiplier, which in other rooms is 4x, it falls 24.772% of the time, which is the highest rate. Windfall has a 3-player hyper-turbo format.

    Although, if Windfall is already popular among players, Windfall Jackpot $1 Million is a real celebrity. With buy-ins ranging from $3 to $30, after choosing your buy-in you will find out which jackpot you are playing for. In addition, we cannot forget in this Sportsbetting poker review the Spin&Go Jackpot tournament, which has a very attractive and interesting format. Again, 3 players with 500 initial chips will play in hyper turbo format, that is to say, blinds of 3 minutes. The prize is established randomly and is based on the multiplier factor.

  • Sit and Go Tournaments

    Sit and Go tournaments at Sportsbetting are characterized by their high speed and their acceptable number of players compared to other poker rooms. Entries can vary, from low buy-ins to those reaching $200. In addition, you will also find several modes in case you prefer to face several players or if you prefer the head-up mode. The games are played at high speed, which enhances the excitement of these events and minimizes the waiting time to get to the table.

    The best of all are the substantial rewards that await the players who have managed to accumulate the most points. So much so that, in the case of the first five places, the jackpot to be distributed is around $750 for the first position and $200 for the last one. As for the Hyper Turbo and Hyper Turbo Head-Up, we also find succulent jackpots, ranging from $500 for the first position to $100 for the fifth place.

    We cannot forget to mention, within the Sit and Go tournaments, the Double or Nothing. Although less popular than the rest, these head-up events, with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 players, set limits around $30. And, if we talk about guaranteed prizes, we cannot forget the most important Sportsbetting tournaments in that sense: - Sunday Main Event: with a guaranteed prize of $75,000. - Monthly Event: with a $109 buy-in and a $100,000 guaranteed prize. - Monster and Mega: from a buy-in of $55 in the case of Monster and $215 in the case of Mega, participate in these tournaments with a guaranteed prize of $10k and $25k respectively.

How to Deposit Money at Sportsbetting

If you are wondering how to deposit at Sportsbetting, let us tell you that the room offers all the facilities to its users.

That is why Sportsbetting accepts payment systems popular among poker players, including Bitcoin, which is widely used by American players. Sportsbetting’s cashier accepts up to six types of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

These are the deposit options available and the minimum and maximum deposits set by Sportsbetting ag.

To find out how to deposit money at Sportsbetting, just follow these steps:

  • After you have created your Sportsbetting account and logged into the platform, go to the Poker section.
  • Among the options at the top of the screen, you will find “Deposit Now“.
  • After clicking there, a new window will open where you will be able to deposit through payment methods described above.

How to Withdraw at Sportsbetting

To know how to withdraw money at Sportsbetting, it is as simple as replicating the steps mentioned above regarding deposits. The only difference is that after clicking on “Deposit Now”, you will have to choose the “Withdrawal” option.

When you click on this option, a new window will open with your details and your current balance. Set the amount you want to withdraw and choose one of Sportsbetting withdrawal options of your choice from a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

In addition, you must take into account the considerations that Sportsbetting poker establishes regarding withdrawals:

  • Accounts with a withdrawal time of up to 24 hours, excluding weekends.
  • Free withdrawal every 30 days, on Fridays. After that, a 1% commission is charged.
  • The platform does not support Visa or Mastercard for withdrawals.
  • Virtually all cashouts requested are processed in less than 24 hours.

Is Sportsbetting legal?

Sportsbetting ag has been operating in the poker industry for more than a decade. Today, it has positioned itself as a reliable and secure online poker room and betting platform.

The company behind Sportsbetting is Itagui Investments Inc. based in Panama, where SB poker has a gaming license from the ” Gaming Control Board”. In addition to this certification, Sportsbetting has an unblemished track record since it broke into the poker industry more than ten years ago.

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