Privacy Policy

EasyAmericanPoker takes special care protecting any personal data from our users. The main goal of the current security policy is to inform users about in what ways their data is taken care of.
The EasyAmericanPoker web page and/or application user completely accepts and without any kind of exceptions all conditions and terms defined on the privacy policy, as well as on Terms of Use at the very moment that said user accesses EasyAmericanPoker.


EasyAmericanPoker complies with the current legislation related to the European Union Data Protection and other related laws. To do this, we apply measures, both organizational and technically, to prevent and avoid losses, changes, theft and unauthorized access to the personal data provided by users.


EasyAmericanPoker implements the measures and methods needed to ensure the security of personal data that users provide. However, all communication through digital media like the Internet is at risk of being intercepted, we do not guarantee that this situation is not going to happen and neither we take any responsibility in case that happens.
During the user registration, he will choose a password to access EasyAmericanPoker , which is the user the one responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of such credentials, as well as all actions or activities that occur at any session that was started by using the password and username. If an unauthorized access is detected, the user agrees to immediately notify EasyAmericanPoker of the unauthorized use of his credentials.


EasyAmericanPoker will use the personal data provided by users to improve the services offered to them, and to send information regarding both the service and the company itself, which might be the case of news. If the user does not state otherwise, EasyAmericanPoker may send by electronic contact commercial messages of the company itself. If a user does not agree, he can unsubscribe from the newsletter through a link on the footer of said newsletter. Apart from this, no user chooses to stop receiving other contacts on EasyAmericanPoker. No data will be transferred to third parties in any case.

Under the Data Protection Act, the Organic Law 15/1999 (13 December) of the Protection of Personal Data, the personal data of users are included in a mixed file owned of EasyAmericanPoker, used exclusively by EasyAmericanPoker for the purpose of providing the services that the user has requested and send informational and commercial newsletters. This information will be collected through the corresponding forms, which are completely voluntary and contain only the necessary fields to provide the offered service. If the user refuses to provide the data, he may not access some of the services provided by EasyAmericanPoker.

Should be legally obliged to do so, we may disclose the data, for example, in response to an order / subpoena. We may also disclose the data to service providers and companies that provide services to EasyAmericanPoker, which will not disclose or use the data for other purposes other than providing the service to the operations required on EasyAmericanPoker. This data will be processed and managed with the proper degree of security and protection, based on the stipulated in the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, taking into consideration, in order to prevent changes, losses or unauthorized access to data, the appropriate and necessary security measures.



EasyAmericanPoker communicates with its users through e-mails (specifically to the indicated by the user at the time of registration), social networks, advertising and / or texts published on any page and section of the website and messages sent via the internal support system of EasyAmericanPoker.
If this policy is modified, it will be recorded in the last line of this document the date on which this document was modified or created.


Cookies are small textual fragments formed by forming a larger data packet and are stored by the browser in order to improve the user experience, allowing a more personalized and more adapted to the visitor navigation.

The service providers we work with and which require the use of cookies are:
Google Analytics (Google Inc.): are used for analytical and statistical purposes, in order to measure the user behavior on the web. Thanks to it we can evaluate the performance of each and every one of the sections of the page, allowing us to improve day by day based on the tastes of our users.
Google AdSense (Google Inc.) and DoubleClick: allow us to manage and show advertisements based on the users’ tastes.
Cookies used by social networks shown in EasyAmericanPoker: used by social networks themselves.

Our suggestion is that you accept cookies, thus you can get a better quality of navigation and avoid possible problems with the functionality of the services provided by EasyAmericanPoker.
Anyhow, in case you want to reject them (option not recommended by us), you can do this by setting it in your browser, so we’ll give the necessary instructions for this.

How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer:
Open Internet Explorer
Press or click on “Tools”, then “Security” and then “Delete Browsing History”.
Select the “Cookies” box and then click “Delete”.
To block or allow cookies:
Open Internet Explorer.
Press or click on “Tools”, then click “Internet Options”.
On the Privacy tab, click “Settings”, you can press on “Remove all” in “Allowed Sites” and then click “Close”. Or, you can select the website you want to block cookies and click on “Remove”.
Then click “Close”.

Enable/disable cookies in Google Chrome:
Open Google Chrome
Go to “Settings”.
At the bottom of the page, click “Show advanced options”.
In the section “Privacy”, click “Content settings”
How to enable cookies: “Allow local data to be set”.
How to disable cookies: “Block sites from setting any data”.
Adjust permissions for cookies and site data:
Go to “Settings”.
Click “Show advanced options” located at the bottom of the page.
Under “Privacy”, click “Content settings”
In the section “Cookies”, you are in the right place to set them up.
How to delete cookies in Google Chrome:
You must open “cookies and site data” to do so click on “All cookies and site data”.
If you want to delete all cookies, click “Remove All”.
If you want to delete a specific cookie, place the mouse on the site that included the cookie and press X.
If you want to delete cookies created over a period of time, you can do it from “Clear browsing data”.
How to block cookies in Google Chrome by default:
Block all cookies: “Block sites from setting any data”.
Block only third-party cookies: “Block all third-party cookies without exception”.
How to allow cookies in Google Chrome by default:
Select “Allow local data to be set”.


Change cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the Firefox button and click “Options.”
  2. Open the “Privacy” panel.
  3. Enable them: mark “Accept Cookies”; disable: unmark.
  4. Third party cookies: configurable from the previous “Privacy” panel.
  5. Click “Accept” to save changes and close the “Options”.

How to disable or enable cookies in Safari:
“Action Menu” > “Settings” > “Security”.
In the section “Accept Cookies”, you can specify whether Safari accepts cookies from websites and under what circumstances.

How to disable or enable cookies in Opera Browser:
“Cookie Options”
“Settings” > “Options” > “Advanced” > “Cookies”